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Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet in Japan

Safety Data Sheet, which is known as SDS is more and more regarded as an important tool to communicate the informaion on chemicals between related actors. In Japan, the following laws regulate the preparation of SDS.

  • ○ Industrial Safety & Health Law
  • ○ Pollutant Release and Transfer Register Law
  • ○ Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law

However, SDS is used for the communication tool even for the chemcials which SDS preparation are not obligation by laws. In Japan, SDS is recommended to be prepared based on Japanese Industrial Standared Z7253 (JIS Z7253), which is harmonized with GHS, 4th revised edition.

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Safety Data Sheet in China, Korea and USA

In Chinka, since the amendment of "Regulations on Safe Management of Hazardous Chemicals" in 2011, SDS in one of the most importans items for the Chinese business. As the List of Hazardows Chemicals is opned, SDS is now obligation if one of the Hazardows Chemicals is included in the chemical prodcut.
"HatoChemi Japan Co., Ltd." prepars SDS in compliance with Chinese Standards.

In Korea, "Industrial Safety & Health Act" and "Act on the Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals" regulate SDS. "HatoChemi Japan" prepars SDS in compliance with Korean Standards.

"HatoChemi Japan Co., Ltd." also prepars SDS in English for the grobal use.


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